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Great oral health starts here, based on initial exam, your dentist will create your customized dental treatment plan, which will be a guide for you and our dental team going forward in order to give you a healthy mouth.


Who We Are?

Dental clinic Dentasim started working in June 2002. Ever since we began working, our goal has been to rise up most professionally to the most diverse challenges set before us by everyday practice. Our priority has been ongoing education and technological advancement. A special emphasis is put on familial treatment as well as prevention and rehabilitation of children. Our expert and professionally trained team is completely prepared to dedicate their time to you during therapeutic procedures.

Our Services

We provide complete care from basic to specialist dental services

Children’s Preventive Stomatology

Basic Dental Services,


Specialist Dental Services,


Specialist Dental Services,

Oral Hygiene

Basic Dental Services,

Jaw Orthopaedics

Specialist Dental Services,


Basic Dental Services,

Aesthetic Dentistry

A modern approach to the solution of teeth aesthetics significantly affects the aesthetics of the entire face and it improves it to a lesser or greater extent. For this reason, the approach to problem solving is permanently connected with complete aesthetics. Besides the usual dental solutions, it sometimes includes corrections with hyaluron fillers which can achieve facial rejuvenation, reduction of the effects of ageing as well as corrections of certain anatomical characteristics.

A procedure which, in accordance with aesthetic requirements, has become one of the most popular methods to achieve a brighter shade of teeth. Between the bleaching in the office and at home, we have chosen the latter option for better control and preservation of vitality of teeth.

Dental Tourism

Entire Treatment

We can offer you an entire treatment, from diagnosis to the final service, with accommodation in two luxurious apartments, in a family house where our office is located.


We are located only 10 minute drive from Belgrade airport and we can provide you with transportation.


We are 20 km away from Belgrade, and there is a possibility of organized trips to local points of interest, granges, wineries, cultural-historical and archaeological sites.

Meet Out Team

Feel free to come and experience it first hand, we are waiting for you. Your Dentasim.

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Contact Information

Svetosavska 137, Novi Banovci, Serbia

+381 22 342 015

+381 69 334 2015

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